A downloadable asset pack


This piece was vastly improved and replaced a month after this piece, the new piece can be found here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9qvzq

[OLD]My inspiration for this piece derives from historical based video-games such as Assassins Creed Origins and Ryse: Son of Rome. Due to this they have been a great inspiration and have become a large part of my research and development. Certain hurdles would need to be overcome in this area as finding accurate information as to the aesthetics of Roman design is difficult and will require some creative judgment.

I decided to cover a market place. This sets a nice ground for a low saturated scene to be populated with bright and eye catching items. I want my project to scale easily so all the buildings will be made to a grid strict modular workflow and all large architectural piece should have the parameters to adjust elements such as moisture, Dirt and colour to name a few.

Overall the project as it is now has gone very well. I believe I’ve produced a large quantity of quality assets which fit with a coherent theme and style. I have tried to use industry techniques and been as efficient with my process as possible in the reuse of assets and modular techniques.

I would have loved to have added more scenery for the outside world and certainly add more populating assets. I think this really would have helped the piece feel more lived in and produce a more realistic scene.



Difficult to provide further Sketchfab links because of the modular nature of my project and the wide use of decals and vertex paint within UE4


John Tranter Roman Market.pdf 8 MB